Whether you and your spouse are practical or romantic, deciding on how to celebrate your wedding anniversary can be both fun and exciting and also a little bit intimating because you want it to be perfect. Whether it is your first or fifteen anniversary, you always want to make it special. Your anniversary is a day to celebrate the continuation of your love for another through the years. Each and every anniversary needs to be celebrated in a memorable manner. Celebrating your anniversary each year is a way of renewing your love and commitment to one another.

You can choose to celebrate your anniversary in a quiet and private way or have a large anniversary celebration involving the whole family and friends. There are many unique ways and also traditional methods in celebrating your anniversary with your loved one. There is nothing wrong in giving your spouse a custom made jewelry, flowers or a personalized anniversary gift that shows how you adore and know them well. But now you can really make the whole anniversary experience much more exciting and sexier by doing something truly different and unexpected.

Your anniversary is a special day, so it is time to skip a boring dinner and a movie date for something for memorable and unique. It does not matter which year you’re celebrating your anniversary as long as the day is spent refocusing and reconnecting with one another. When your anniversary date starts to get closer that’s when you start wondering what to do or start panicking when you can’t come up with a unique idea to make it a perfect anniversary day.

While planning a special day to spend with your love one, it is important to remember to spice up your anniversary night with your spouse too. Some of the best ways you can spice up your bedroom life is purchasing special and sexy lingerie or a costume for role play or even better is introducing a sex toy to your bedroom. If it is your or your spouse’s first time using the best sex toy.

Then you can start with some basic toys such as a rabbit vibrator to add more pleasure to your partner.

Your anniversary is a special day and no electronics should be allowed during this celebration. Electronics is easy to lose focus on any important things happening, so getting rid of your mobile phones, tablets, televisions, etc. will help you focus on your spouse and make them feel special. It is important to dress to impress each other especially on this day. Making an effort to look stunning for each other this will later pay off in the bedroom.