Social media networking is with no doubt a platform that has everyone hooked. Day and night there are millions of ideas that are been shared and transferred within fraction of the time, reaching millions of people around the world. Social media is therefore the best options for quick and easy popularity. Gone are the days when business rely solely on promotions via traditional methods. Everything is digitalized and shared via web adverts or viral videos on various social media platforms. New business set foot to this venture as a means of spreading the word on their existence and existing business take on for the sake of business awareness. Let’s take a look at the different channels of social media and how it will bring chance to your business.

Get linked in LinkedIn

It may not seem attractive at first however it is a professional business site where more than 35% of the professionals LinkedIn user access the network on a daily basis. One good news for startup businesses is that there is more than a million of groups in this network making it easy for startup businesses to find groups with similar interests. This network consists of more than 200 million of users, giving enough coverage and approachable as partners, investors or consumers and help in the progress of a startup business.

Easy fame from Facebook

Hands down this is the king of social media networks. There more than 700 million and counting members signed up on a monthly basis. For a startup business that is looking to attract potential customers and gaining quick publicity, this is the best channel to start with. Many new businesses promote themselves through the quality kickstarter videos which will be shared and viewed by millions of people around the world.

Kickstarter videos are informative and gives the potential consumers an idea and scope of the business with much convenience.

Play it on YouTube

It is most clear that videos are far more powerful than pictures and words as it has the ability to invoke emotions. This is why this network is considered as the second most popular platform or network channel with millions of users on a daily basis. Creation of videos is a unique way of promoting business and attracting new customers as well as retaining existing customers through brand awareness. In addition to this, YouTube also has greater chance on SEO values making your video more highlighted than the norm. Getting your video viewed by many people possible is the key goal and it can be easily done through this network channel.