Are you a competitive person? Even if you are, a lot of people tend to outright deny it. In the society of today, being competitive is more of bad thing than a good one. In fact, if you are someone who enjoys competing and wanting to win, it can cause people to get mad at you and judge you for being greedy or even self-centered. The truth is, as a competitive person knows, it really isn’t about winning or being on top. It isn’t about greed for the win. It is human nature to want to compete. In our deepest, most primal instincts, competition is rife because of the struggle over millions of years that evolution took. Click this link for more information about team bonding in Singapore.

Don’t be afraid to embrace it

However, people are mostly afraid to embrace the fact that they love competing, because of the negative connotations society has attached to it. Even winning a game like kart racing can be tinged with bitterness because of the anger and the judgement people around you will direct at the winner. In a way, this is also because they are competitive! They can’t be happy that you won because it is in their nature to want to win instead!

Use it to reap the benefits

Now, instead of rejecting your competitive side, why not use it to your advantage? It can actually be very beneficial to you. Don’t be swayed by the other people saying you should relax and not worry about coming first. Don’t try to suppress your feelings when you are in a competition you know you can win. The more you try to hide these feelings, the worse the backlash can be. If you are going to be doing a fun, chilled out activity like kart racing you might be fine relaxing and playing it casual for a few rounds. When you feel the need to pull back all the stops and let loose, you should allow yourself to do that, without stopping your own instincts.

If you suppress your competitive streak, it could lead to more problems in the workplace than you would like. See, there are some people out there who are naturally going to be favored by the powers that be. These people are usually the ones you see being called out by the manager to point out as a star employee. If you feel like you deserve it more than they do, that is a side effect of suppressing your competitive streak. Knowing you deserved it, and could have done it had you actually tried to will leave you with a cynical streak that will make a lot of people averse to you.