As much as it is hard on you, winter can be hard on your baby too. Since children have sensitive skin and a fragile immune system, they are more susceptible to get sick during this season. Thus, you must do everything within your power to ensure that your child survives this climate. The following are some problems that you will have to deal with during this period. Click this link  for more information about bottle warmer in Singapore.

Dry skin

During winter, your child’s skin can become dry and itchy. This happens due to the fact that your child has sensitive skin. Give your baby short baths. Do not keep him or her in the water for more than 10 minutes. Use lukewarm water for the bath. Do not use soap since it can be irritating on the skin. Instead, use natural cleansers that do not have dyes or fragrances.

It is going to be freezing

Do not even think about talking your child on a walk. Although it is important for your child to enjoy the outdoor environment, this is not a safe idea. The weather can be really harsh. Thus, it is best to stay on the indoors where it is warm. Although you might be able to sustain the cold, do not think that your child can do the same. Even with a baby blanket, your child will still feel the coldness. Thus, it is best to stay put inside the house.

The crib will get cold

Remember that the bed should be one of the warmest places during winter. Your child will not be able to tell you whether the bed is warm enough or not. So, make sure to keep it warm. Putting a baby blanket on the top and bottom of the crib is not going to work out. Make sure that you dress your baby in the right clothes to keep him or her warm. Do not cover him or her with too many layers of clothes either. This can make your child sweat and flushed.

Germ invasions

Since your home is not exposed to the natural environment, the germs inside the house will be lurking your home. This can affect your child’s health to a great extent. Remember that the immune system of an infant is already weak. At such circumstances, it is not safe to get infected various flus and fevers. Therefore, remember to clean your home during this season. Get your child vaccine if necessary since getting sick during this sick can cause serious damage.

Tackling these four problems in a simple job. All you need is the right materials. Make sure to plan out the contingencies well ahead to avoid such hassles.