Although this is something that most men might not wish to discuss, you must not forget that this is a problem that a lot of men deal with. If you experience this issue, worry not since it is quite common. It is most often not a biological medical condition since it is usually caused due to external emotional and psychological factors such as work stress and relationship issues. If you are finding it difficult to maintain an erection, then here are is some advice that you will be grateful for.

Lost fat gut

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, it is no surprise that you are affected by this condition. This condition directly affects your penis and makes it numb. It makes it extremely hard for men to engage in sex. Of course, you can’t cure diabetes to get rid of this problem. However, what you can do is exercise on a regular basis to reduce the complications of this disease. This will prevent the disease from affecting your sexual performance.

Consider using pumps

A penis pump is the most common way of enlarging a male sex organ without having to experience major complications or put in a lot of effort. These equipment are available in most medical stores for a reasonable price. These enable you to maintain an erection for a longer period of time and thereby satisfies your sexual appetite.

Fire your mistress

Research shows that most men who experience this problem are involved in an affair. Of course, affairs are a common side effect of midlife crisis. However, having an affair will, or at least should, make you feel extremely guilty. This guilt can turn into anxiety and lead to stress. When you are nervous and stressed, you will definitely not be able to get maintain an erection whether it your wife or mistress. In this case, before you get a penis pump, make sure to get rid of your mistress.

Walk more

A recent experiment revealed that men who walk more experience this problem much less then people who travel through vehicles. Although the problem can be caused due to emotional factors, changes in your body can solve the problem instantly. All it takes is a 20 minute walk in the park. You could even consider skipping the taxi in the morning and walking to work.

There is no need for you to see a physician straightway since these problems can be often dealt by yourself. However, if it continues to persist, it is best to get an appointment right away. Do not feel shy or embarrassed since this is a common problem that most men go through in some point in their lives.