Do you have an event planned for the week or day? Will it require you to look like you wake up with perfect makeup? Or are you looking for a way to have the perfect makeup in the shortest time possible? Click this link for more information about eyelash extension in Singapore.

If your answer is yes to any or all of the above; then you have your work cut out for you. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered!

We’ve gathered tips and advice from experts and working girls who are used to perfection-in-a-rush to help you out. Interested? Read on to find out how.

Organizing is key

It’s not a secret, everyone knows it; organization is the key for a chaos free life. Apply this rule for your makeup as well. Make sure to take time out before the “day of the event” to run a trial. This means you know which makeup to use exactly. Take whatever is necessary for that look and keep it separately in a pouch so that you don’t have to run around, wasting time looking for it. In fact, assemble the entire look, from makeup to the outfit, to even your shoes…trust us when we say it works! Don’t forget to include wipes and removers in case of mistakes.

Wakeup camera ready, literally

No, don’t go to sleep with your makeup on…unless you have plans on ruining your skin, that is. Instead, opt for temporary makeup/cosmetic tattoos and perms. Eyeliner and eyebrow embroideries are a life saver when you have to look good in a very short time. So are lip embroideries and even an eyelash perm. Most of this is available semi-permanently, and last only for a few days or a week at most; which mean you won’t be stuck with the same style forever.

Play it safe

If you don’t want to use permanent makeup like eyeliner embroidery or an eyelash perm¸ then make sure that you practice your manual style well. When working in a rush, or when seeking perfection, it’s best that you opt for well practices styles. This reduces the chances of mistakes, which is common even when you are nervous or excited. This includes everything from your foundation routine to your eye makeup and even your hair style.

Keep it simple

If it’s not a huge event that needs you to look glamorous, then try to keep it simple. You can hardly go wrong with basic eyeliner (try a slight or full wing style for a dressier look), lipstick (pink-peach colors for a soft natural look, and bolder colors for dressy), and a little color for your cheeks, make sure the cover your dark circles (if you have any), as they are a dead give-away of unfinished and poor makeup.

In short, careful thinking, organizing and practice can help you out when you least expect it to…