What could be more exciting than hearing that your friend is expecting and will be delivering her little bundle of joy soon? Your friend had being trying for a long time to conceive and now her dream has finally come true. She is excited just like you and has asked you to help her prepare for her confinement. Having a new arrival as we all know is not an easy task. Even though we are excited when we hear the news that a new bundle of joy will be born soon we have to also remember that all facilities needed for the new arrival has to be prepared in advance.

Pink and blue decor

So you first discuss with your friend what her requirements are prior to planning for her confinement. Your friend tells you that she wants her room decorated with pink and blue décor and that she would like to have a cot with a combination of pink and blue. So you decide to visit a store that has these products. When you visit the store you realise that there are a variety of cots in different colours and sizes and you can’t decide which one to buy. You think the best option would be to tell your friend to make the decision. So you get a description of the cots on sale at the store and go back to your friend’s place. You wonder why your friend is looking so excited. She tells you that she has got some baby gifts in advance to her confinement and that the cot she wants is also one of them.

Small mattress

You cannot believe your luck because now you don’t have to go back to the store to purchase the cot. Your friend shows you the other baby gifts in Hong Kong that she has received. Among the presents are clothes, toys, a pram, hair accessories, creams and powders. You ask your friend if there is anything else she needs prior to her confinement and she tells you she needs a small mattress for her new arrival.

Quality and comfort

You remember that the store had a variety of mattresses for sale and you go back to the store to check them out. The sales staff tells you that there are a variety of mattresses on sale and that the price differs depending on the quality and comfort of the mattress. So you decide to purchase a good quality mattress because your friend’s little bundle of joy should have a comfortable mattress to sleep on. The sales staff also tells you that the good quality mattress has a one year warranty and that you can have it replaced if you are not happy with the product.