Your best friend will be 21 years old next week. So this definitely calls for celebrations in a big way. As we all know a 21st celebration is a big event to celebrate and should be planned in such a way so that it would be an unforgettable one. While keeping in mind the demand for such celebrations, there are many companies that offer a variety of products that you can purchase to celebrate your 21 years. So you make a visit to a store that has advertised this type of products so that you can see for yourself what is on offer

Unique and creative designs

As you enter the store the first thing that catches your eye is the attractive décor with 21 written on it. You then take a walk round the store and you come to the counter where the best birthday cakes are displayed. You are taken by surprise when you seed the unique and creative designs that each product has and you realise just how much time and care has being taken by the baker to ensure that every customer has a variety to choose from. While one product has the 21 done with a decoration of icing on top of the product another one has the 21 displayed on the side of the product together with a colourful bunch of roses made out of icing sugar.

Rainbow design

You move to the second display and you come across products dripping with chocolate icing and chocolate syrup and decorated in multi coloured designs. The rainbow design is also on display with the seven colours of the rainbow used in a creative design to decorate the product. The experts have however not forgotten the important 21 and have very creatively placed it in the middle of the rainbow design. You are pleased that you have come to the correct store because you are certain that the best birthday cakes in Singapore can definitely be purchased here.

Free of charge delivery

You also realise that the prices are very reasonable and that you can afford to buy this product for your best friend for the 21 celebration. You inquire from the sales staff if they have a delivery service and if you can place the order when it gets closer to the date. Much to your surprise the sales staff gives you a leaflet that has a list of the products you are hoping to buy, the price tag and the delivery charges. They also tell you that irrespective of what product you pick their store will have it delivered free of charge to the location of your choice.