-All kids need a little help, a little home and someone who believes in them-

Magic Johnson

Our children are our world and though it sometimes not turn out so great, all parents want what is best for their children. Parents too are human and may err but in our heart we want our sons and daughters to have and to become, better than who we are. Just like everything else, education has evolved to be highly completive and our children are scrutinized in a world that has no sensitivity for being slow or different form the rest and as parents it would break our heart to see our little one left behind. If your child, for whatever reason is unable to cope with the curriculum it is advisable to seek help. One must not think of a tutor as an additional to a child’s schedule but a mechanism for guidance.

Tutoring does sound quite straightforward but one must consider logistics and other facts too.

Will the tutoring centre be too far away?

Will it fit into your schedule and our child’s?

Does your child require more one on one time than offered at a regular tuition centre?

If these questions raise more questions than answers, home tuition is the way forward. We will help you find the best tutor to assist your child’s individual needs.

Home tuition does not necessarily have to be offered for subjects that are associated with academics, does your child have a passion for language the school does not offer it? Does she love to learn to play the piano but the tuition centre’s day and time is when she has the art class she attends with her best friend?

With tuition centres, lots of time is spent in getting from point A to B and making sure your son has had a snack prior to the class. Clearing your schedule to be able to drop and pick them up or having to convince your husband to do so is a different ball game all together. Speak to us today. We are able to source the best home tutor who we are confident will make home tuition a hassle free investment worthy of your money.

We are not just a business set out to make money, we want the children to receive help, hope and someone who believes in them. We are out to set the record straight, home tuition is not enemy of the system, we are simply a spring board that aims to make sure you make a perfect landing!