A Socially Accepted Madness In Name Of Entertainment

It is very famous from ancient days that sports is a form of entertainment. It would not make sense to any person why people considered that as an entertainment? It is obvious that people are making money by bidding money on players and teams which nowadays is not allowed and is considered illegal.

In form of basic evolutionary perspective, it can explained that the aggressive tendency in ourselves is a basic human tendency. Men wanted to find some good, funny at the same time socially accepted form to accept aggressiveness. It is funny how people enjoy placing bids and bets on people fighting.

As this sports grew, there was refinement in the field and many other job opportunities were opened to the out world in this field apart for being the player and coach. For example, there is a person called sports podiatrist in Singapore, he or she specialises in the ankles and other related ligaments and any kind of damages possible during playing sports. Another famous job and much sort after job is being the assistant or public manager for a famous sports celebrity. They will make good money like the celebrity himself.

Since, the field of sports, things became more refined and there was not enough outlet for guys to monitor their aggressiveness. It can be identified that people get attracted to a certain kind of job. Not everyone wants all the jobs available. Psychology states that people and the job they prefer and their qualifications can give a deep understanding to the person’s character and personality.

For example, there was a groundbreaking experiments by various psychologist concerning the development of human characters and the tendencies of human beings. It can be noted that there was a famous psychologist named Milgram who had a experiment with electuary. He was inspired by the eugenics movement carried out by Hitler in Germany and questioned what motivated the people to go forward with the will and wishes of a single man. This research concluded that human beings are ready to step out of their fake walls of civilisation if someone else will take credit for their mistake. The important part of this research was the way it was advertised which keeps the integrity and the reliability of the study in question. The advestisment have apparently stated that people are interested in things related to electricity and electricity shocks can apply. It is debated till this date that people who read that advertisement and applied should have had a smaller part of the sadistic tendency in them which makes it hard to rely on the facts and thesis based on that research.