Back To The 90s

The 90s was an era to remember because it was when the whole world took a turn towards the evolution of science and technology. A lot of people nowadays organize parties, weddings and even graduations in the 90s theme. But when organizing events as such it all comes down to the tiniest details and if it is not done to perfection then it surely won’t be a success.

Parties in the 90s theme

A lot of people who are born in the 90s love to celebrate their birthday in an old school way. It brings back so many beautiful memories of their childhood back in the 90s. Decoration is a key when it comes to bringing out that spirit. One must also make sure to tell all the guests to dress to suit the theme. People in the 90s wore wide bell bottom jeans with a T-shirt. It was also the trend back then to wear hoodies and flip-flops.

To keep the guests entertained one could get down a band that plays old songs. One could even write down one’s own list and tell them to play it. Another way to entertain guests is to serve a glass of liquor. Purchase from any wine store as this suits the occasion perfectly. This type of liquor is of course expensive but worthwhile as it smells straight from the 90s.

Organizing a vintage themed wedding

Than organizing a party, it is more difficult to organize a wedding. The main reason is because a wedding is a very special occasion that brings two souls together and makes it one. Therefore one must pay a lot of attention to detail. The venue of the wedding will surely have an influence on the theme. It is best to select a place like a farm or a vintage theme hall rather than a modern hall. The invitation card for the wedding could also have a touch of the old glamour. The bride could wear a corset just to blend along with the theme.

When it comes to the entertainment part of it one could buy vintage liquor in Singapore. The smell and aroma of it will surely match the theme. The decoration should be very grand. One could resort to using flowers that are mauve to beige. If not, one could use old antique looking vases and light decorations to get the effect right.

A year end graduation

Incorporating the 90s theme for a year end graduation is a very good idea. In the agenda one could have plays and dramas to entertain guests. Shakespeare plays are the most entertaining and one could also have a choir to sing to an old song.