Common Mistakes Arbitrators Make

An arbitrator is someone who is retained in order to preside as an objective individual over a legal dispute being settled or fought over. It is usually done as part of a panel for the larger cases. Of course, no human is perfect, and this is equally true for men of the law. Arbitrators make mistakes just like everyone else does. For example, arbitration is definitely not an opportunity to fight dirty. There is no need for the dispute to get out of hand. It is always best to try and settle it in a calm fashion, just like in the courtroom. The problem is that attorneys seem to think that this is an opportunity to take advantage of some cheap shots and play hardball. These are the people who object to just about anything that the opposition has to say, including the request for a handkerchief to wipe a runny nose. Click this link for more information about boutique dispute resolution law firm in Singapore.

Angry lawyer is a bad lawyer

If you have seen bad arbitration lawyers before, their most distinguishable feature is that they get angry very easily. They are usually very disrespectful indeed, even going so far as to talk to opposing counsel and the witnesses in a disrespectful manner. This includes showing physical disdain of the case being presented by the opposing counsel, such as rolling their eyes in an obvious manner, raises eyebrows at testimony from witnesses, even allows their client to disrespect the courtroom. As the lead arbitrator in a case, you have to keep calm and avoid what is known as ad hominem attacks. Personal disputes are not a good thing to bring into any courtroom or legal dispute. Just because the case is one in which there is a lot of rampant emotion doesn’t meant that you need to let it get out of hand.

Technological dilemmas

Some arbitration lawyers in Singapore choose to use visual aids in the presentation of their case. This can include slideshows, multimedia, or even more advanced technological aids. The problem occurs when they overuse the tech just because it is available to them. This can lead to a lot of confusion, mucking around, and winding up embarrassing yourself and your client.

When you are an arbitrator, make sure that you only use technology to assist you in presenting your case. Don’t let this escalate to the point where you are the technology’s assistant in the case. This happens all too often in the courtroom and ends up leaving a lot of people involved in the case annoyed and angry.