Prompt Arrival To Work

Before advancement of technology people used to mark by hand their arrival and exit with the time indicated next to their signature. This system has been there for many long years and mostly in large organizations. However due to the rush hour time when people have to queue long lines till the other finish signing and this may take time. Therefore people enter the time they started queuing and then the management have a problem of staff stating the wrong timing. Due to this issue the management has increased the number of attendance books for people to sign in and out. Moreover some staff takes undue advantage by having a good relationship with the security officers to give them allowance to pass through without getting caught to the late comers list. Moreover some staff has their colleagues signing in for them while they are still on their way to work. So many issues were encountered due to this manual signing in and out system.

Technology Prevailed

After so many issues and failed attempts the time attendance system in Singapore was designed and was made access to all the organizations. This system works with the staff marking in by imprinting their thumb print in to the system where it displays the time and name of the staff member. This system aids in removing unfair opportunities for some staff as well as makes all the staff comes on time as this will mark the exact time of arrival. Moreover the imprinting of the thumb print is faster and there are no long waiting lines for staffs. And these devices can be set up in all the entrances for the staff for ease of access.

Furthermore this system gives access control of the attendance of the staff in the organizations. Hence no person can rig the system according to their needs. Since the system is highly automated it will provides security needs. It is directly connected to the main computer frames of the organization.

Importance of Control

When the company has control over their staff the organization can meet their aims and objectives and become productive and efficient. Therefore allowing too much flexibility to the employees can become a major problem but however when the flexibility is needed ten it should be allowed for certain occasions. When the company has less control over their employees they tend to take too many advantages from the company and become lazy and inefficient which could become fatal for the company. Therefore management should not feel that they are too controlling when the company is going smoothly as that control is the reason for the smooth operation of the company.