The Importance Of Smartphones And Their Impact On Our Lives

Ever since the first iPhone was launched, our virtual lives started changing for the better. Steve jobs advertised the first iPhone by stating Apple came up with a way to bring the iPod, a phone and a breakthrough internet communicator all together. The initial iPhone was pricey but so popular that sticks have been reported to be exhausted within the hour.

After the launch of the iPhone, other companies like Samsung caught on as well, with the biggest rivalries now in the phone market is between Samsung and Apple phones. Smartphones have taken a very big grip on our lives, so much that we see people with their phones stuck to their faces, yes that was a reference to a virtual reality headset. How important is a smartphone for you? Would it hardly matter if you lost your smartphone and you had to live the rest of your life without one?

The grip that smartphones have on our day to day lives

Let’s take your normal cellular phone app improvement for android instance. What would you do if you lost your cellular phone? If you’re employed in an office job, you might as well get fired because your mobile phone is very important when employed as you need to have your phone on your person at all times to be contacted by your superiors or your boss.

If an emergency occurs at your house or to one of your family members, you would have no way of knowing without a cellular phone in your hands. Now let’s look at your phone as a handheld PC. Your personal handheld PC allows you to access internet when a secure internet connection is established. Once the connection has been established, you can browse the Internet to your heart’s content, within the limitations of your service provider of course. If you wanted to know the score of the game but you have no access to a television, all you have to do is Google search about it. On two most famous mobile platforms, iOS and android, mobile application development in Singapore companies keep pushing their limits when trying to produce the best application that they can come up with.

Such a mobile application development drive will probably produce a product that lets you watch the game itself on your smartphone, with the development of VR probably allowing you to watch the game as if your were a referee of that match, allowing you to watch inspect the entire scene by simply turning your head around.

If you lose your phone, then some of the things you would have to start using again would be a portable mp3 player, a DSLR camera, a bundle of newspapers in your bag, a map of your city or of the destination you intend to travel to, a LED torch, a radio, your laptop, your TV, your DVD player, a power supply source and even a stack of books. Smartphones makes our life that much easier.