Sobriety Behind Wheels

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When a driver in Victoria is accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, they must finish a behaviour change programme. We have authorised a large number of organisations to provide drunk driving education programmes in Victoria. The following describes a few of these.

Victoria Drink and Drive Programmes

For first-time drivers who recorded a BAC below 0.150, drink driving course offers in VIC drunk driving education programmes. The course costs $350 with a $67 VicRoads Recovery Fee or $350 without the fee, and it lasts for six hours across two sessions.A discount holder must pay a $34 VicRoads Recovery Fee.

The Drug Drive Behaviour Change Programmeis also available in Victoria, and it has the same duration and price as the Drink Driving Programme.

For those who have repeatedly driven under the influence of alcohol or drugs, drink driving course Vicalso provides an intensive behaviour change programme.

An interlock removal programme is also required for participants in the rigours drink-drive programme. This must be completed before the conclusion of their interlock period.

How to Choose the Best Drink Driving Education Programmes?

Speak with us if you’re unsure about which programmes are best for your situation in terms of sobriety education. In order to get your licence returned or to have the alcohol interlock requirement lifted, depending on the situation, it’s crucial to make sure you finish the appropriate programme.

Please get in touch with us if you need legal counsel or support in any legal case.

Recognise and rank the obstacles that medical professionals must overcome; determine whether they can be overcome through a social and behaviour change communication (SBCC) strategy; and create an SBCC action to change beliefs, convictions, and standards that limit providers’ willingness and capacity to do their jobs well.

What Does Behaviour Change Program ProvidersMean?

Given their direct contact with patients, providers are essential to the health system. Therefore, the efficacy of the system as a whole depends on the effectiveness of such interactions.  Numerous elements, such as values, customs, guidance, abilities, expertise, and structural context, have an impact on how providers behave with regard to their clients. By addressing these issues and offering alternatives for change, the Behavior Change program providers aim to positively affect provider behaviour. The emphasis of this I-Kit is on the social and by targeting suppliers as the audience for behaviour change communication (SBCC), providers’ behaviour towards customers can be improved.

What Does This I-Kit Have to Offer?

This I-Kit offers detailed instructions on how to use SBCC to alter provider behaviour and enhance client outcomes. The I-Kit is made to assist you in comprehending the elements that affect provider behaviour, designing an assessment to recognise the particular challenges your providerexperiences, and creating an SBCC intervention to overcome those challenges.

Who Is This I-Kit For?

Anyone working with providers and interested in altering provider behaviour and enhancing services should use the I-Kit. Managers and designers of SBCC programmes and service delivery may fall under this category.